First We Believe the World To Be A Certain Way And Then Our Belief Creates A Perception That Proves It Right

There is no such thing as a fact; all that exists is a perception. Even a fact would be irrelevant in one’s life it one did not perceive it as such.

How we perceive a situation determines a different reaction and each reaction creates a different outcome. A perception can ruin our lives, and allow opportunities to pass us by. Another can take us to incredible new possibilities. No one remembers how many times we fall only how many times we rise. If we perceive ourselves as being victims we will be victimized.

Lets us say that there is, in fact, an objective reality. It would make very little difference unless it was somehow able to pierce through all subjective realities because our actions are subjectively driven. Let’s say that two people are dating and one is very jealous. The other partner goes to luncheon interview with a man in a position to offer a great employment opportunity, the opportunity of a lifetime. The lunch meeting is in a restaurant that is within a hotel. The jealous lover happens to see the two of them enter the hotel lobby, of course they are heading to the restaurant, but that is not what the jealous partner sees. The jealous partner waits outside for them to exit, and attacks the potential employer. The relationship ends and the jealous lover believes that his partner cheated on him. A person goes to a job interview and the man doing the interview has had a very difficult day, he just caught his lover cheating on him (so he believes) the first applicant enters the office and immediately assumes that the expression on the interviewer’s face means that he took an immediate dislike to him and doesn’t even attempt to sell himself because he believes that he lost the position as soon as he walked in the door. The next applicant, seeing the expression of the interviewer’s face decides to take his obvious mood as a challenge and begins his interview asking concerned questions about the interviewer’s day. Because this applicant did not perceive the interviewer’s expression as a reflection of his qualifications, he handled to interview in a way that landed him the position.

Only the Universe knows all of the facts. All that we will ever know is what we perceive to be the facts and even that perception is subject to change along with all other perceptions. Our perceptions will determine our actions or reactions to any given situation. Things appear the way the majority believes them to be. The truth, as we know it, is not based on reality it is based on consensus. An observation is relative to the perception of the observer.

Every opportunity in life is open to you if you perceive it as your opportunity. If you perceive a wall to be a dead end, you will turn back and allow it to prevent your passage. If you perceive it merely as an obstacle you will get a ladder and climb over it. Regardless of what situation you are in, there are those who will perceive it as better than theirs and those who will perceive it as worse. There will be those who perceive a situation as a beginning and those who perceive it as an end. If we want to change our lives we have to change our perception of them.

There is a story about a man who had two sons. One son was always happy one was never happy. So the father decided one Christmas to give the son who was never happy every possible toy imaginable. The other son he gave nothing but horse manure. When he went into the room of the son who was never happy, he found the boy sitting on the floor looking very sad. When he asked why the boy said that with so many toys there would never be enough room to play. When he went into the room of the son with the horse manure, he found the boy smiling and singing with a shovel in his hand just shoveling away. When the father asked his son why he was so happy he said, “With all of this manure there must to be a pony.”

People, who are truly happy, seem to illuminate peace. We may find that they have nothing more to be happy about than we have. On the surface it may seem that they have even less. Sometimes it may seem to us that they live in a fool’s paradise, but how foolish can one be who lives in paradise? I have had many losses and disappointments in my life. I have a friend who was constantly telling me that I am lucky. I believed that she was saying that because somehow she chose not to acknowledge all of the obstacles that I had to overcome. But finally she explained to me that she saw me as lucky because I faced each obstacle as an opportunity and so I was able to flow with life without so much suffering. I always said that if this is where I am, it is where I am meant to be, and there is something here for me to receive.

Those of us who amass large sums of money, huge holdings in real estate, diamonds, furs, cars, all of the emblems of wealth and or fame, do so because they perceive a world in which ones value is based upon these things, without them one is nobody, worthless. Living in this perceived reality is an enormous amount of work, because one always needs more just be remain good enough because in the material world, that bar is constantly rising, today’s penthouse is tomorrows basement, and so today’s person of worth is tomorrows worthless person. This is why we do not own what we have, but what we have owns us, so long as we believe that it in any way defines us.

Regardless of what anyone says, a conscious person, in a world of suffering caused primarily because of poverty. The only reason for a person with even a modicum of compassion to cling to wealth is because it holds his identity. Today, having so much more than we need while so many have so much less than they need to survive is like walking around with a fur coat made of pelts that are still dripping blood. Only the loss of identity – which could seem like the loss of our own lives, could allow us this caveat to perceiving the suffering around us. We are able to justify even to ourselves, whatever we do or do not do, based upon the need of our egos to feel safe. And if the ego believes that wealth and power are all that keeps it safe, that perception will allow us to justify what we could never justify directly to our souls. This is the same as the man before could not just beat up a man and leave the woman who turned his world, unless, his perception justified his actions.

We move through the physical world, but we live in a world of perception. One person perceives himself or herself as poor because that person has only one bathroom. Someone else perceives that same person as rich because he or she actually has a bathroom in their home instead of an outhouse. Someone else perceives the person with the outhouse as rich because instead of an outhouse he only has a hole in the ground.

We cannot change our lives until we know exactly how we perceive them. Changing our physical world will do nothing for us because the physical world is only the backdrop against which we live our lives. Our story as well as our history is played out within our perceptions. Once we truly understand how we perceive our world we will automatically understand that there are also other ways. Each way of perceiving any situation or any experience has its own unique set of possibilities and choices.

Happy people see beauty in things that unhappy people don’t see. It is not because they would not see them as beautiful. It is because they do not see them at all. Happy people find what the Buddhist call, “the bless in the mess”. They do not notice what is lost they notice what is found. I remember a job I had that made my life so miserable that I quit. Having no job my grandmother made my home life so uncomfortable that I went out to look for a job on my birthday. Thanks to that first job ending and my grandmothers nagging, my next job lead to my eventually starting my own business making close to one million dollars a year.

I quit my job without thinking I did not take the time to feel sorry for myself. I did not allow myself the time to engage in a long period of self-pity or self-destructive behavior. I did not see the loss of my job as the end so I did not miss that opportunity. But I have to add that opportunity is a train that runs twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. It may take determination to find the station, but the only way we miss it is if we perceive it as non-existent if it is not where we expect it to be.

Christ said, Jesus said, “Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they will rest.]” (Gospel of Thomas)

We can’t change what is, but since what is has probably never been seen by the human eye, all that we have to do is change what we perceive it to be and we will change the path that lay before us, obstacles become challenges, and we no longer seek until we quit, we seek until we find. Life is a series of experiences, and whether our lives we wonderful adventures, or tortuous hell is only a matter of perception, it is a matter, not of life itself but of our experience of it. What we see, determines how we respond, and how we respond determines our life’s experience.

Life Is A Question And Every Answer Is Right

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, your right.”  Henry Ford

Happiness will never be found, no matter where you look for it.  It will be discovered wherever you happen to be.  And no one ever attracts love.  Love waits for us to arrive at its home.  We arrive at its home when we have learned enough from life’s lessons to believe that we ourselves are worthy of it.

Everything is created by belief at some level, the whole physical world in which we live, our external world, is only a description that we have all agreed on.  Or so it seems.  Yet, there is no real way to know if what I see as blue is the same as what you see as blue.  We agree on the container, on the word used to enclose a perception.  I don’t know what another perceives as, for example “blue”, only that we call the sky blue, or the ocean blue.  We agree on the outline of the world, but what is perceived within the outline is personal.  But we all believe in the description of the world that we have created somewhere in the consciousness that connects us.

We receive our description of the world, our place in it and of ourselves from different layers of description containing environments.  The first being our family.  It is within the family that we first get a reflection of ourselves.  We learn what it means to be who we are.  however, the messages are confusing because if we do something that is not approved of, we are described as bad.  If we do something that is approved of we are described as good.  Good is rewarded, bad is punished.

It is also within the family that we learn what it means to be a certain race, religion, and nationality.  Then we are imprinted with the beliefs held by our society with regards to others.  We learn whether different is embraced or feared, good or bad.  What the measure of success is and its rewards along with the measure of failure and its punishment.

Within all of these descriptions which connect individual to family, family to community, community to nation and nation to the world, we develop a description of ourselves.  We believe this description, which is based solely on the perceptions of those who influence our earliest years of life.  So we don’t really have an accurate description of ourselves, what we have is a reflection of how we are perceived by our earliest environment based upon a comparison of our actions against the beliefs and expectations of our parents.

We enter the world outside of our family with a costume a description of ourselves that we believe to be true.  We manifest this as the energy field that we project and the world reacts to us, not based on our true selves, but based on the energy field that we believe to be ourselves.

Whatever is attracted to us when we enter our own lives, is attracted to the description we have manifested of ourselves.  From this point we are challenged by what our false description of ourselves attracts so that we will begin the journey the soul has set up for us to discover that these descriptions are not of who we are.  The more we are challenged by and forced to suffer through the experiences and relationships that we attract into our lives, the more we are driven to question why these things are happening to us.  As we continue to question, to doubt, we crack the viability of this projected description and slowly, through the pain, the glowing light of our true selves begins to shine through.

From this point, we see things begin to come into our lives that bring happiness.  However, we are at first unsure of our ability to be this light, which is so outside of the box that we believe in, that we retreat back into the box and the description we have accepted and manifested as who we are.  Those things that were attracted by our inner light then also vanish because we we have withdrawn that light and hidden it again behind the description.

Sooner for some, and later for others we reach the point where the illusion of self we accepted and manifested, becomes so contrary to the increasingly determined voice of the true inner being that the façade that we so trustingly manifested as our identity simply falls away.  And we begin to embrace with love and trust the real self that has been hidden beneath all of outer definitions we have struggled within.  And we begin to allow the manifestation of who we really are.

When we believe in ourselves with the same depth of belief that we believe in the world in which we live, we become one with that beauty which lies beneath all illusion.  We become one with the spirit which inhabits every blade of grass, every fish, every living spirit disguised as a person or thing in the material world.  This Spirit then moves us to what brings us joy, it moves us to relationships that feed our hearts and our souls.

I read many stories of Tibetan monks, who, knowing it was their time, would lay themselves down to sleep.  Then they would gently pass to the next dimension, no pain and no suffering.  Pain and suffering are illusions caused by the belief in the illusion of separateness from each other and from our Source.

“If [man] thinks of the totality as constituted of independent fragments, then that is how his mind will tend to operate, but if he can include everything coherently and harmoniously in an overall whole that is undivided, unbroken, and without a border then his mind will tend to move in a similar way, and from this will flow an orderly action within the whole.”  D. Bohm, _Wholeness and the Implicate Order_, p. xi

In the Bible, in Genesis, God gives Adam the task of naming everything.  Now I realize that in naming each thing, he manifested the world.  It says that first there was the Word. Nothing exists until we recognize it.  In physics there are waves and there are particles.  Particles make up what we see, waves make up what things are before we “see” them, recognize them.

Peter Russell from the Cambridge University Department of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics describes this state of affairs:

To the surprise of many, the world “out there” has turned out to be quite unlike our experience of it. Consider our experience of the color green. In the physical world there is light of a certain frequency, but the light itself is not green. Nor are the electrical impulses that are transmitted from the eye to the brain. No color exists there. The green we see is a quality appearing in the mind in response to this frequency of light. It exists only as a subjective experience in the mind.

When I was in high school I began to notice that the boys and girls who were the most attractive to the opposite sex were not the ones who would be considered the most attractive.  But they were the ones who either believed they were or believed what they had was better.  In other words, what made someone attractive, or popular was something in their energy field that said they were.  This description that they inhabited as their being.  It was a belief that they held so strongly that it was the identity that manifested in the world.

Love comes to us when we love ourselves, happiness finds a home in our hearts when we are happy with who we are.  Like attracts like, love attracts love.  What we think we are, we are.  What we believe we deserve, we will receive.  Our reality is created in a place within us that we have no conscious access to.  However, we have emotional access.  When a belief becomes rooted in emotion, it will manifest in reality.  But these are things that we cannot teach ourselves because we want to.

The best way to open oneself to self love, self trust, self respect, self forgiveness and self acceptance is by limiting your environment, your inner circle to those who love.  Love is something that does rub off.  Happiness is always driving around.  Sometimes it passes through our lives, but it does not stay because our belief that we do not deserve it creates fear, possessiveness, and all kinds of negative reactions that eventually push it out of our lives.  Happiness stays as long as there is light to shine on it.  That light exists only where love lives.  Otherwise it flickers, and so do the moments of happiness in our lives.

There has been no time more ripe for happiness, as strange as that might seem.  But this is because the descriptions held together about the world are crumbling and leaving the truth exposed for those who will see.  We are having an opportunity to glimpse God in our world and in ourselves, but we must take it and become it before it once again becomes covered up with plastic or gold plated.

In the Bible there is the story of the Prodigal Son, Buddhism too, has a story of a Prodigal son, there is the Gnostic parable of The Pearl,  Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote, “The Little Prince”, and then there is “The Wizard of Oz, each one tells the journey of the soul into a world of illusion, or some distant place in order to find those things that will bring happiness.  Each one ends with the understanding that what they sought outside and endured suffering and challenges to find was what they had at “Home” all along and did not see.  Each story tells us that we seek out in the world, in our hero’s quest,  that which we already have, but need to recognize within ourselves.  We do not have to find happiness, we only have to recognize that we are happiness and we will discover that it is right where we are.  We do not have to look for love, we merely have to recognize that we are love, then close our eyes, click our heels three times and repeat, “There’s no one like me, there’s no one like me, there’s no one like me.” and when we open our eyes, we will find that we have arrived at Love’s door.

Here is a little video about reality

Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment


One of the phrases that we hear and say a great deal in metaphysical circles in “This is all an illusion”. Although it sounds good, it is not something that we are able to really incorporate into our consciousness because it is so fundamentally opposed to our experience. And though we may be temporarily soothed by the idea of it, the feeling vanishes the moment we bump into a part of that illusion, like a wall, and get a concussion on another part of the illusion – our heads. For most of us the idea that our experience is “all an illusion” is filed away somewhere with God, another idea that, for most of us, is firmly implanted in our belief system but very much disconnected from the reality of our daily lives.

If this is an illusion, why does it hurt so much or feel so real? Why can’t we just affirm it away? In a movie, which is for all intents and purposes an illusion, when one of the characters – another illusion is shot by a bullet – another illusion, the character dies – another illusion. There are two layers here. There is the layer of the actors or the soul who is assuming the role of the character – the illusion who dies. Within the movie, nothing is an illusion. When the actor – the soul – steps out of the movie, or the life in our case, it was all an illusion. A good actor will feel the pain of the character; he will feel the joy of the character which is what makes his performance believable. A good actor is very sensitive, just as a soul is. When the actor leaves the role, he has to re-enter his own life – his own role in the greater movie that is life. This reorientation often takes time. When a soul leaves a life, that soul too has to re-enter its essence, after absorbing all of the experiences of the life that it has just left. A character in a movie or in a play follows a plot, acts or reacts in a way written by someone else. So, in order to react naturally the actor must inhabit the part. We souls inhabit our personalities and so we are able to act and react according to the character that we come to play.

An actor becomes the character, so convincingly. that we are able to anticipate what he will do or say next because we believe him. We may know that the actor is acting and that the words have been written by someone else, the cues given by someone else, yet we feel and experience what the characters are going through. Although the choices that each character is making have been predetermined by the writer, we know that those are the choices that this character would make. Even when the character surprises us, if the actor did his job and writer did his, we can review the movie and see how this unexpected action could have been predicted. This is free will. These characters are predictable because we understand how they are motivated. Yet, does our ability to predict their choices deny the freedom of their choices? No, they are free to choose. What is predetermined is the point from which they view the world at the time that God or the Universe places the choice on their path. How often do we say, “I did that based on what I knew then”, or “If I only knew then what I know now”, or, “The person I am today would never have done that”.

Imagine being in a room, facing a wall and from your position, you can see the wall in front of you and from your peripheral vision you can make out the walls on each side, right and left of your position. But from where you stand, there is no door. Now, the position that you are in places you on a wheel, like a clock gear, that will slowly turn you around. However, right now you only see walls. You are facing twelve o’clock. There is a door at the six o’clock position, but you won’t see it for six hours. Now a voice enters the room and says, “You are free to go”. Is it an illusion that you are free to go? No, there is a door. But from where you stand, there is none. In a story, the character has free will and, we can anticipate that characters actions. We have free will, and our choices are predetermined. They are predetermined because our visibility of available options is really limited to one, at the time that the Universe presents the choice. There may be ten puzzle pieces lined up before us to choose from, yet, the experiences, the beliefs, the impressions of the world that we have accumulated up to that moment sees only one perfect fit. Because there is only one, it is the one that our soul has chosen to best experience the lessons we need to learn.
We have to remember that we come here to learn and to grow. In order to do this, we have to set up a lesson plan.

Our lessons do not only come from where the choice leads us on our path, but also from which choice we make, and how we arrived at that choice. We are here to expand our view, and to learn to see from our hearts. Most actors take roles for a purpose. Many take roles which allow them to stretch, to grow. Free will is not an illusion, but in a way, the choices we make are. They are the lessons; they are the set-up for our growth. They create the plot within which the actor acts. As we learn from each choice, our view expands; our abilities grow until we are in tune with our hearts. When we are in tune with our hearts – we are in tune with our souls. When the soul has mastered the personality, its view is no longer limited. It then sees through the eyes of the creator of the path. The dreamer has mastered the dream, so it is no longer a dream; the actor now writes his part, so he is no longer limited by the existing plot. Illusion vanished and all that is left is one Will in tune with All-That-Is. To enlighten is to light the path so one may see the way. It really has never been a question of whether or not we have free will, the question is, how much we really see of what our free will is acting upon. This is where growth lies.